An army of dedicated PC chicken hunters succeeded! Our planet is free of the terrible chicken plague... or at least, it was. Now a new danger looms on the horizon, and this time, it comes from the infinite depths of space...

They’re back! Cyber chickens from outer space are threatening our planet. You see, they want to avenge their earthly brothers...

Hope is not lost, though – every Earthling can join the defense! Join the fight from the comfort of your couch or together with friends in the office – only the best results matter.

Alert! Cyber chicken alarm! Man the battle stations! Take up arms! Prevent the Earth from turning into one big chicken shack...

• pixel-scrolling in all directions
• more than 45 sprites on the screen
• up to 50fps 3D graphics (128 KB version)
• 8 level (128 KB version), 4 level (64 KB version)
• options for color-adjustment, sound, gfx and gameplay
• optimzed for Amstrad CPC!
• play with keyboard, joystick or mouse

• game in original double tape case, with poster inside!
• package with three language feature and manual
• choose between 3" disc (64 & 128 KB version) or tape-version (64 KB version)
• limited to 111 pieces! Serial-number-list on website!


Amstrad CPC 464, 664 or 1628